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Flexible cystoscopy

Cystoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the urethra and bladder. The most common reason for its implementation is finding blood in the urine or other problems that could suggest some serious underlying diseases. Blood in the urine could be the first symptom of bladder cancer, prostate cancer or other serious diseases.

Men tend to consider cystoscopy a very uncomfortable and painful examination. Many of them even try to delay a visit to a urologist, just because of their fear of this examination. These concerns are rooted deep in the past when cystoscopy was performed with a hard metal device whose insertion into the bladder caused great pain.

Therefore, the doctors of UroKlinikum exclusively use a modern flexible cystoscope Olympus with a very small diameter. This device minimizes invasiveness of the examination. It is also possible to reduce discomfort by using analgetic inhalation method ENT.

It should be emphasized that we do not use these devices anymore and thus our patients do not need to be abraid. We have thin tools that are known as flexible cystoscopes (see picture). Due to their flexibility, insertion is no longer unpleasant. It can be compared to the conventional catheterization. Before the examination we insert a special gel into the urethra which causes desensitization and decreases discomfort. In addition, there are modern methods how to limit uncomfortable perception during the examination. Our experts recommend the use of inhalation analgesia during the procedure.

It should also be emphasized that cystoscopy is not necessary for all patients who are examined in the urology department. Cystoscopy (using a thin lighted tube called cystoscope) is always carefully considered by urologists on the basis of the diagnosis.